About Membership

About Membership
What is a membership and why do I need one?

Did you know that all the movies you normally see at the theatre have been classified? The ratings displayed on IMDb or DVD cases are not universal — B.C. has its own classification system.  The means the filmmakers must submit their films to the Consumer Protection Authority of B.C. for review before being assigned a rating.

This is a costly process, and one that many independent filmmakers—and the Victoria Film Festival—can't afford.  That's why some of the films shown at the Vic Theatre and all of the films at the Victoria Film Festival are unclassified.

In British Columbia the only way to view unclassified films is to be a current member of the Society showing the film, and over the age of 18 — that's the law, even if the film would just get a G rating.

But here's the good news!

Membership to the Victoria Film Festival Society (VFF) is only $2.00. It's good for one festival year (August 1 2016 to July 31 2017) and you can keep the membership fob in your wallet or on your keychain to show us each time you come to a film.

Our festival is a non-profit, charitable organization. 

NOTE: If you have purchased a Victoria Film Festival Film, Gold or Platinum pass, or purchased a Friends of the Vic membership, you DO NOT need to purchase a separate VFF Membership as it is included with your pass purchase.