Church & State Wine

Local & Cheeky!

  • $7 + tax
  • We're excited to offer Brentwood Bay-based Church & State wines! We're pouring their Lost Inhibitions series' red and white wine.

    "Evocative wines, entertaining and brimming with personality. We let these wines speak for themselves, even if they’re a bit mouthy…

    The Lost Inhibitions wines are made to the same gruelling standards as our Church & State Wines, but offer a refreshing take on traditional label conventions. Made to enjoy with friends, family and great food, these two unique blends over-deliver."



    Cheese Plates

    The new staff and volunteer favourite!

  • $6.00 +tax

    The Victoria Film Festival staff (who run the Vic) are crazy about cheese, so getting cheese for our concession was inevitable—especially since it's the perfect complement to our great De Vine wines! With the help of local favourite Ottavio Italian Bakery & Delicatessen and Dairy Farmers of Canada, we're delighted to introduce the Vic's cheese plate!


    You'll get three different types of cheese (20g each), crackers*, and fruit! The composition of the cheese plate will change from time to time, but it will always be delicious—and a refreshingly real option you won't find at any other theatre!


    Currently serving:

    Clos St. Ambroise (Quebec)

    Farmhouse Cheddar (Canada)

    Cabra (Spain)

    Crackers & Dried Apricots


    * gluten-free crackers available upon request

    DeeBee's TeaPops

    Delicious, organic, and made right here in Victoria!

  • $2.50 +tax
  • Buy one, get one free!


    A classier version of a classic summer treat, DeeBee's TeaPops are Victoria-made and the perfect pairing of organic fruit and tea! We're currently serving the Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Citrus, and Tropical Mango Teapops. They're the best way to chill out at a great Vic Theatre screening!

    "All of our TeaPops are certified organic, non-GMO, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and kosher parve! That's a mouthful of certifications, but a delicious, allergen-free mouthful that all ages and lifestyles can enjoy." - DeeBee's Organics

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