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FOTV: April!

Free film for all Friends of The Vic Theatre and $5 (+GST) for a friend.


The most-requested film from this year's Victoria Film Festival!

The Women's Balcony


It’s a happy community full of good-heartedness. So when the women’s balcony of the synagogue collapses in the middle of a bar mitzvah, no one assumed that the cause was anything more than rotting wood. That is, until a passing Rabbi announces that it is actually a message from God.

The accident puts Rabbi Menashe (Abraham Celektar) in a befuddled state when several of his flock are injured including, most seriously, his wife. With the congregation feeling adrift, an opening is created for the charismatic Rabbi David (Aviv Alush) to take charge of the community and bring his stringently orthodox views to bear.

When the new Rabbi tells the men their wives need to cover their heads, they dutifully go out and purchase scarves to present to their spouses. And so the first seam begins to break. When the women set about raising money to renovate their balcony, Rabbi David decides that the money should be used to pay for new Torah scrolls instead, setting off a comic showdown.

Emil Ben-Shimon makes his debut feature rife with humour, wit and real characters. He explores a warm, poignant community struggling to balance orthodoxy with practical, progressive values.


Sunday, April 23rd at 4pm

If this screening doesn't work for you, send me an email and we can sort something out. :)


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